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Vanessa Ramos believes it is crucial to visually create the essence of a subject in order to connect emotionally with the audience.

She has worked on documentaries as narrative structure consultant, editor, motion graphics artist, color grader, DVD authoring specialist, and English-Portuguese translator. Among these films are:   Associate Producer/Additional Editor/Trailer Editor

The Gracies and the Birth of Vale Tudo (2010), a story about the famed Brazilian family empire who revived and spread the Jiu-Jitsu martial arts to the masses across the globe. The film turns the spotlight onto their own personal struggles and the infighting within the family itself.   Color grading/Consulting/Trailer Editor

Quilombo Country (2006), a film about the struggles and triumphs of the Afro-Brazilian slave descendant rural communities living in the region of Brazil ranging from the Northeast to the Amazon. The documentary raises issues of political identity, land rights, and racial and socioeconomic discrimination.   DVD Producer/Authorer

A Great Day in Harlem, a 1995 Oscar-nominated documentary that brings to life a remarkable moment in the history of New York music in which dozens of America’s jazz legends from the great generation of 1950’s-60’s unexpectedly gathered together for a photograph that would become emblematic of the golden age of jazz. By illuminating this single, historic event, A Great Day in Harlem is a window to an unprecedented era in music history which addresses broader issues of creativity and community in our own time.

Fritz Bauer: Tod auf Raten. Assistant editor to help finalize the film for Berlinale 2011.

Vanessa's interest in media and technology landed her at the embryonic stages of the convergence among television, the internet and interactive design & culture, with various roles, such as TV producer and editor, Final Cut Pro early adopter and instructor, co-founder of content development channels for an internet start-up in Silicon Alley in '99, video consultant for the launch of MTVu, co-founder and video specialist of a post-production studio and branded content agency at Digitas/Publicis-NY, among others. From this multifaceted experience she started to explore the axis among  art, science and technology in her own artworks and image-making processes.

She has also produced television series for cable TV in the United States, one of which, about the American underground railroad in the Kansas/Missouri states. With her experience as video editor, motion graphics artist, and post-production consultant, in the television, ad agency, dot-com, and live events environments, she deals with large-scale projects and multi-format video integration. That ability and her interest in new interactive technologies led her to Digitas/Publicis Groupe where she served as Managing Motion Media Editor and a key player in building The Third Act post-production studio. She was part of award winning teams spanning all agency category prizes, including the Cannes Golden Lion. In the 2000’s, she was selected by Apple to provide training and establish Final Cut Pro as the editing system of choice in various media outlets, including MTV where she helped to launch MTVu in New York. Among her projects in Germany, she has produced and edited a 20-video series for Deutsche Bank, whose production took place in five continents, 12 global markets.

Her short films, video art and VJ shows have been presented at various events and venues including the Chelsea Art Museum in New York City, film and videoart festivals such as Barcelona’s Off-Loop Festival, FestArte at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Premiere Brazil in New York, Beijing International Film Festival, and Berlinale events. Her music video Disappointment for an electronica artist Monta at Odds was selected as finalist at the Queens International Film Festival. She has served as jury member in the international award competition for advertising, video and film New York Festivals from 2004-2008.

In 2010 she wrote a script about Berliner musician Manuel Göttsching and his seminal 1981 composition E2-E4.

She is currently developing a script for her first full-feature artistic documentary.

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