Multimedia video editing visual storytelling interactive design


Coordination with cinematographer, set and lighting designer to ensure clean backgrounds for post-production: keying, tracking, rotoscoping, compositing.

On-Set tech. Project leadership to establish best practices and project development strategy. After Effects, Color Keyer Plugins, Nuke, Photoshop, Illustrator.

green screen shoot supervision

& compositing

American Express Online Assistant Website >

All 9 segments of online avatar video series


AFTER (entire video)

Virgin Mobile TopUp Promo Video in Website. For entire video please see showreel at top of this page.

Compositional layers: •background: stock footage

                                •middle ground: 2 actors in green screen studio seating in a stripped car frame with wheel

                                •foreground: Photoshop photo layer of a car

                                + SFX layers for scene transitions

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American Express Members Project

All guests were videorecorded in green screen studios with the camera mounted sideways to obtain as high resolution as possible for color keying and compositing onto final video


AFTER (entire video of website experience)